Baby Loss Awareness Week

it’s “baby loss awareness week” again and we remember all our precious babies who came fleetingly into our world. “Baby loss”, particularly in the early stages of pregnancy, is very often unacknowledged, but is a very real grief. Like any death, this passing re-writes our futures and should not be minimised. Fortunately, most societies have now lifted the unwritten taboo on acknowledging babies who passed too soon.

The Forever Years

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Just a short post here, as we at The Forever Years wish to acknowledge “Baby Loss Awareness Week”.   Baby Loss Awareness Week takes place from 9th to 15th October every year, ending with “International Pregnancy and Infant Loss Day” on October 15th. It provides an opportunity for parents, families and whanau around New Zealand to come together and remember the lives of their babies who have died. We acknowledge the lives and deaths of all babies, no matter what their gestation, length of life or how they died.

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