Behaviour charts… Yes, No or As-And-When?

Some good ideas for teachers and for use at home 🙂

The More I See...

Attached you’ll see a (sideways) picture of my very own behaviour chart used in my very first classroom. I was working in a fairly challenging school and behaviour charts, of a sort were recommended during training and used throughout my school. The problem was, I didn’t like them. Each day you started on green and the only way to go was down. This seemed wrong to me for two reasons, firstly it presents a fairly negative expectation for your pupils and secondly, it completely ignores all the children who are busting a gut rather than just coasting along doing the minimal. So, in discussion with my class, we added the blue and gold circles. They loved, I loved it and since I’ve never had big problems with behaviour management I’ve put it done to my consistent use of the chart and sung its praises to all who would listen. That…

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