Free Charts & Other Printables

lego chore chart


sticker chart -sofia

Please feel free to use these sticker charts and chore chart free printables. Have you ever tried chore charts or sticker charts with your children? We have but with limited success. However, we are going to try again. Second time lucky!  We are going to trial a scheme where each child has to complete double the number of jobs as their age (ie if they are four they complete eight jobs), a sticker is rewarded for each job, and when they have completed the required number of jobs they receive a small prize out of the prize box. Good luck!

Here is a little chart to help kids learn how to read music, with the help of some well known cartoon characters!

Teach kids to read music (1)


Charts for Chores…

Here’s the one I made for my four children, you can alter it to suit your family.  I’ll put another one with blank spaces below so you can just write in children’s names and daily jobs/ chores.

Chores Chart Printable

Bee chores chart


Organising Stuff using Cans

See our post “Creativity with Cans”

Here are templates for glueing onto your cans…

01 Yellow Felt Pens

01Yellow Crayons

01Yellow ink pens

Yellow Clips

Yellow Coloured Pens

Yellow Coloured Sharpeners

Yellow Paint Brushes

Yellow Pencils

Yellow PensYellow plain Pencils

Yellow RulersYellow Scizzors




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