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DVDs and Online material Recommended by The Forever Years

1.  Orphan’s Aid International

DVD Sue van Screven


These DVDs tell the story of the work of Sue Van Shreven and Orphan’s aid International with vulnerable, abandoned children in various parts of the globe.

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Happy 10th Birthday Orphan’s Aid International.OA 1 10 years


2. Operation Christmas Child

OCC LabelAn interview with Kirsteen McLay-Knopp about Operation Christmas Child (filmed for TV).

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Shoe Boxes of Unconditional Love


3  Trade of Innocents (Movie)

trade-of-innocentsTrade of Innocents is a 2012 movie from the United States.  After enduring the tragic loss of their own daughter and only child, an American couple go to live and work in Cambodia where they become involved with preventing the illegal sale and trafficking of young girls into the sex trade.  Personally, I found this film resonated with me in light of experiences I had and people I met during my time living in South East Asia.  Cambodia is one of many countries favoured by  pedophile tourists because of the vulnerability, due to poverty, of its children. Cambodia’s tragic history, including the rule of the Khmer Rouge from 1975-1979, has created a “young population”, as many of the older generation were killed during the genocide.

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“Boyhood” (Movie)

Boyhood-poster-quadThis movie is amazing to start with, because it uses a radical new idea in film creation: film the characters periodically over 12 years.  Very “true to real life”, we see the main character, Mason, who is six in 2002 as he grows up and becomes a young man of 18 in 2013.  Chris Knopp reviews this movie in “The Forever Years”, see link below

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