Single Parents’ Day, 21st March

Single Parents CollageEver tried raising kids? Single Parents’ Day celebrates those brave, stoical people that do it on their own, and in many cases without a safety net.

Most single parents didn’t intend to be single parents when they started. Single parenthood usually comes about due to unfortunate and stressful events. Raising children even with two parents can be hard work, so take a moment to applaud those people who, usually through no fault of their own, are having to fly solo.

Children of single parents include Julia Roberts, Bradley Wiggins and Adele, so it’s clearly possible for single parents to raise very talented, high-achieving people. Despite this, there is still a stigma attached to single parent families. This is a real shame.

National Single Parents Day is a day set aside in the USA since 1984 to recognize and support single parents raising their children.  An article was written by Janice Moglen, in 1984,  with hopes that Single Parents Day may one day gain the recognition many associate with Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.  She collaborated with the organization, Parents Without Partners, and began to petition to have states declare recognition of Single Parents Day.  It is the belief that the day, March 21, was chosen to coincide with the inception of Parents Without Partners, which began on March 21, 1957. Proclamation 5166 was presented to, and signed, by President Ronald Reagan declaring March 21st, 1984 as the first National Single Parents Day.

We at “The Forever Years” feel this is a great idea!  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to spread Single Parents’ Day so that it isn’t just a national day in the USA, but so that single parents around the globe are acknowledged!

We all know of a family member, friend, neighbour, co-worker or someone who is a single parent.  On March 21st, Single Parents Day, acknowledge, support and appreciate them, and  make this day a special one for the single parent/parents you know.


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