Big Days Out in London with Little Ones, by Sarah Wilson

Big days out in LondonLast week we embarked on a little intrepid journey to London as my husband had a meeting there. When I first visited London in my twenties I wasn’t that taken with it. Perhaps it was just too big. I prefer picturesque little villages. However London is really growing on me. And from our recent visit I came up with a little list of top things to do in London with little ones if you are on a budget. Oh the places you’ll go in this bustling city!


Firstly, getting around. Kids go free on transport into and around London. You can get an all day pass that let’s you take any bus, train or tube within the central area. We took a train in to London from Winchester, and we then hopped on a double decker bus. I’d never travelled London by double decker bus before but provided that you…

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