Music about “the forever years”

FY MusicWelcome to “The Forever Years” music page.  Here we reference music which we have included in blog posts and which we feel is in keeping with our goals of elevating voices of child advocacy, as well as encouraging the hearts of parents and carers.  So sit back, listen and enjoy!

Sleepin Child Collage FYSleeping Child

Sleeping Child” is a single by the Danish soft rock band Michael Learns to Rock, from the 1993 album Colours.  We at “The Forever Years” love this song!  It epitomises our ethos that all the children of the world are our children.  We are all part of the Global Family. 

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COWChildren of the World

Children of the World is a song by “pop-Christian” artist Amy Grant.  It was released in 1994 on her album House of Love. We felt that this song, as well as being in line with the ethos of “The Forever Years”, fitted well with the book A Life Like Mine

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Nia CollageNia

Nia is a 2009 song by Maisey Rika in honour of Nia Glassie, the 3 year old girl from Rotorua, Aotearoa/ New Zealand who died after severe, prolonged abuse by those supposedly caring for her.


Maisey Rika

Maori singer/songwriter Maisey Rika, has one of Aotearoa’s most impressive lead vocal styles, fused with her honest and thought invoking messages.
Some have described her sound as being similar to Tracey Chapman or Sade, with a splash of India Arie. Her spine tingling vocals and fusion of English and Maori (Te Reo) lyrics is capturing the hearts of soul seekers both in New Zealand and abroad.
  Nia is certainly a hauntingly beautiful song, reminding us of Nia Glassie and all children like her who have left our world after only a short time here, lives cut short by abuse.

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CA FYConcrete Angel

Concrete Angel” is a song written by Stephanie Bentley and Rob Crosby, and recorded by American country music artist Martina McBride. It was released in November 2002 as the fourth and last single from McBride’s Greatest Hits album. The song went on to reach #5 on the country music charts.   …When the video was originally released, it featured the phone number for the American Child Abuse Hotline and encouraged viewers to report abuse. [Wikipedia].

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True ColoursTrue Colours

(Original Song by Cyndi Lauper, this version by MattyBRaps).  Matthew David Morris (born January 6, 2003), known as MattyB or MattyBRaps is a twelve year old American YouTube sensation, well known for his cover videos on popular music.   Hey guys!   In this video, Matty’s little sister, 8-year old Sarah Grace, the youngest of the five children in the Morris family, who has Downs Syndrome, acts out the part of a girl who is not included in a group because of disability.  Sarah Grace loves to act, dance and create videos.  The song also shows a girl who is not included because of being a different race to the others.  The theme, then, is inclusion: the message for kids: embrace ALL people, we all have something to offer and for parents: encourage our kids to embrace and include everyone.  The video is particularly impressive because of the young people who have made it and the maturity with which they have presented the issue of inclusion through the medium of music  and an acted “silent story”.

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