Toddlerology 101: From Trials and Tribulations to Toddlerrific Times

A terrific article by Sarah Wilson about the trials and triumphs involved in raising toddlers… complete with some great practical ideas.


If you are a parent of a toddler and someone asks you – what do you do? Next time how about saying ‘Why I’m a toddlerologist.’ Because I’m no expert on ‘toddlerology’ but these days I do spend alot of time around toddlers and so have become rather acquainted with their joys and challenges. And sometimes I feel like a tantrumologist. This week I read a very interesting book ‘Stretchmarks on my Sanity: The Growing Pains of Raising a Family.’  by Linda Sharp. Stretchmarks on my Sanity. I like that. It is very relatable when you are managing a ‘mini mafia’24-7. When I worked as a psychologist I used to collaborate with parents about how to manage their child’s behavioural challenges. Most often they were kids with special needs. And now I wonder what on earth I said to those parents. Becoming a parent is…

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