10 Trail Tips For Hiking With Kids…And Enjoying It, by Julie Holly

A really useful, inspiring article about being aware of kids’ limits when tramping/ hiking and making it fun for everyone. Great advice for parents and carers– love the summary of 10 important tips!


10 Ways to (1)When the pregnancy test was positive, my husband got a cold sweat and jitters. We had just decided to begin a family and BAM it was happening! The first six months were surreal. Aside from being exhausted, I barely had a baby bump and we were still our active selves to the point of summiting a couple of Colorado’s fourteeners. As the reality of becoming parents closed in, we kept reminding each other, as if simply repeating words would manifest our reality, “This baby is joining our life. We will continue to do the things we love.” Six years into the journey this is all a bit laughable, but we’ve managed to pull it off and so can you.

Here are ten tangible ways to help your family get out and actually enjoy!

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