3 Bath Time Habits That Can Prevent Child Sexual Abuse, by Ginger Kadlec

Boy Playing In Bath

It’s never too early to begin practicing behavior that can help protect your young child from sexual abuse… and bath time is a wonderful time to teach those habits!

With over 90% of child sexual abusers being someone a child knows, loves or trusts, it’s essential to begin teaching children ASAP some basic tools about body safety and body boundaries.

Many parents have family members, nannies, baby sitters or even older siblings help bathe younger kids. It is estimated that around 30% of sexual abuse is actually perpetrated by a family member.

To help protect your kids, there are three (3) simple and easy safety habits you can teach right away!

1. Always use a wash cloth or bath mitt when bathing your child.

Sexual predators are savvy and will seek to gain a parent’s trust, especially as a child is younger, in order to gain unfettered, one-on-one access with a child. By always using a wash cloth or bath mitt when bathing your child, you reinforce the necessity of those bath time tools and using them becomes a bath time habit.

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