How to Help Your Child Deal with Social Exclusion And Grow Up Strong, by Cally Worden



Mommy, why won’t Ed and Danny let me play with them?

My son had tears in his eyes, the pain of rejection apparent in every little furrow on his brow, in every quiver of his bottom lip.

I narrowed my eyes, whipped out my ‘Cape-of-Protection’, assumed my superhero stance and was ready to step in. My heart was breaking for him – we all know the hurt of social exclusion. That sinking sensation of being left out. I desperately wanted to shield him from it.

Then I stopped.

And I reminded myself that I won’t be at his side every time he experiences rejection and social exclusion. My role as parent is to help prepare him for when it happens, not solve his problem for him.

I packed my Cape away, and put on my Thinking Cap.

Editor’s Note: Swapping out the Protection Cape for the Thinking Cap is what parents in our community routinely do!Click here to join us!

Here’s what I came up with as an action plan…

Practice Makes Perfect

Many children find it challenging to assert themselves. As parents we can use role play in the safe environment of home to give our kids space to try out different responses when faced with a ‘You can’t play!’ situation.

(To read more of this article, please follow the link below…)


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