A Post about Kids and ANZAC Day (but not “The Last Post”)

As we approach ANZAC Day, here are some ideas for learning about it and remembering with our children.

The Forever Years

Joseph ANZAC Poem

 Article by Kirsteen McLay-Knopp

Our eldest son, age 9, wrote this poem for ANZAC Day.  He just wrote it off his own bat during the school holidays, it wasn’t something he had to do in class at school, although they have been learning about ANZAC Day.  We’ve also talked about ANZAC Day (and war in general) and read some stories at home and our three boys are going to be part of the “dawn parade” (in their keas and cubs groups) on 25th April.  The photo below is of our ancestor Peter McLay who was killed in France in 1918 (First World War– he was my Grandad’s Uncle).

Peter McLay FY

The World War One generation are, then, the great-great grandparents’ generation for our children.  It’s amazing, however, how kids can still relate to what happened so long ago and how these days, through media, we can make history come alive.  Boys…

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