Valentine’s Day: Celebrating Love with Our Kids

The Forever Years

Val Day

By Kirsteen McLay-Knopp

This year I’m “doing” Valentine’s Day with our four kids.  Usually, my husband and I go out for a meal or a movie (or both) and that’s about it for us for Valentine’s Day.  It’s not a massively big thing here in New Zealand and not usually a “kids’ thing”.  I remember growing up I always thought of Valentine’s Day as an “American thing” and thought it must be quite embarrassing trying to secretly give cards or presents to people… particularly going into the teenage years if it was someone you actually did like (for some reason the idea of them potentially knowing I had a crush on them was the biggest possible humiliation… so much easier to just do nothing at all…).  My five years working and living in Japan showed me another interesting idea… Valentine’s Day (where males give females a card or present) followed…

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