Now Our Kids Love Eating Fruit! By Kirsteen McLay-Knopp


Getting kids to eat healthy food, including fruit and vegetables, can be a struggle.  Recently I discovered this awesome little machine, which makes fruit peeling and coring into a fun activity for kids.  The novelty of using it doesn’t seem to wear off and it also seems to make them want to eat the fruit afterwards.  Our Kindy had one of these and I noticed that all the kids there loved it.  So when we came across one in a hardware shop, and discovered it was only $15 (NZ) , my hubby and I decided to grab it.  One of the aims of this blog, “The Forever Years” is to share anything which might be useful to other parents.  Part of Child Advocacy is to support one another as parents, network and share ideas which have been useful.  No one is an expert on everything and everyone has something to offer.  This post will be short, but hopefully useful, particularly to anyone who had been struggling to get their kids to eat fruit (or vegetables, for that matter).  This little machine is called an “apple cutter”, but we have also used it to slice carrots, pears and peaches (with the stones out).  The chopped fruit or veg could also be used to make smoothie.  I have put a video below of two of our children using this machine.  Good luck and let us know, here at “The Forever Years”, if you have come across any similarly useful things.  We love  comments and welcome articles from guest writers.  Have fun creating “curly fruit” (my 5 year old’s name for the end result).



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