Raising Grateful Kids In An Entitled World by Kristen Welch: A Book Review by Sarah Wilson

Sarah Wilson reviews this interesting book…how do we lower our kids’ “sense of entitlement” and create an an “attitude of gratitude”?

Raising Grateful Kids

‘We are THAT family’. It’s a blog that caught my eye about a year ago and since then I’ve enjoyed reading blogger Kristen Welch’s real accounts of the ups and downs of family life. Because we are THAT family too. You know, the ones that lose library books and have hairbrush, sock and pyjama monsters in our house. So when this book became available for review, I jumped at the chance to review it. How to move children from entitlement to gratitude is such a key issue for our generation. We all know that children today often have so much. As a parent of three children I struggle to get the balance right between giving my children opportunities but not spoiling them on the other hand. This is such a thought-provoking topic, and a timely one too, being Christmastime and all.

Author Kristen Welch has also published Rhinestone Jesus (

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