Variety: Helping Kiwi Kids Living in Poverty this Christmas

29% of kiwi kids live in poverty… how to help support them this Christmas…

The Forever Years

Variety Collage FY

By Kirsteen McLay-Knopp

It is incredibly difficult to imagine a child in New Zealand living in deprivation, but the reality is that 1 in 4 Kiwi kids are going without the basics. This Christmas please consider sponsoring a Kiwi child – a gift that will have a lasting impact. For as little as $35 a month your sponsorship could make an immediate and positive change in the life of a child in Aotearoa/ New Zealand, through “Variety- The Children’s Charity” (follow the link at the end of this article to their website).

“Variety” started up in New Zealand in 1989 and has been helping kiwi kids in need for 25 years.  As well as organising sponsors for individual children, the charity produce a range of products for sale, including some beautiful Christmas cards (Our children recently sent some cards to children overseas and the “Variety” surfing kiwi ones were ideal!).  F

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