Protest at CYF office over Leon Jayet-Cole’s death, by Myles Hume




Police are monitoring a group staging weekly protests outside a Child, Youth and Family (CYF) office after the alleged murder of Leon Jayet-Cole.

The group, which includes the 5-year-old’s birth father Michael Cole, will hold its fourth protest outside the Papanui CYF office on Wednesday – coinciding with the day of the week Leon was taken to Christchurch Hospital with fatal head injuries.

Christchurch labourer James Stedman Roberts, 34, has pleaded not guilty to murdering Leon, his autistic stepson, at their Papanui home on May 27. Emma Le Fleming Roberts, 37, has been charged with failing to get her son medical treatment.

Michael Cole and a handful of supporters have organised weekly gatherings outside the Winston Ave premises, holding signs expressing disappointment in CYF and its dealings with Leon and his family.

(To read more, follow the link below…)



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