Joyful Journeys through June: On Welcoming Winter Wellness

Some winter survival tips for parents and kids, by Sarah Wilson.   🙂

winter wellnessWinter. Love it or loathe it? Do you flourish in winter or do you find yourself floundering? Do you thrive during the colder months or just survive? I love winter, usually. There are so many things I love about it. And I love all the seasons for their distinctive flavours. They are all to be enjoyed. In winter I am fortunate to have a warm house, because for those in cold houses or on low incomes, winter can be very challenging. The lovely nursing student that is on placement with us at the moment informed me that the average temperature in a student house here is 3 degrees! She said that her student flat was positively tropical in comparison, at 11 degrees! Brrr. Sadly NZ is not known for it’s warm housing.

Much is talked about staying physically well in winter. Staving off the colds and flus. My husband is…

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