Each to Their Own – My Response to the ‘Birthday Party Guidelines’ Blog Post that Went Viral.

What is your take on children’s birthday parties?  By Sarah Wilson.

Each To Their Own

Anyone who knows me well is aware that I am party mad. I enjoy throwing kids birthday parties. For me party planning is a passion that I enjoy cultivating. Why? Simply because it’s so much fun. Celebrations are big in our family. I look forward to those dates of celebration each year and in our family we use any excuse for a celebration. I’ve been changing nappies for eight long years now, and when my delightful yet slightly obstinate daughter finally nails toilet training, we are going to have a ‘No More Nappies’ Party.


But I’m also aware that mothers who throw themselves head first into birthday party planning, receive a fair amount of flak from other parents, both spoken and unspoken. I’ve been told that my parties are ‘over the top’. I’ve never spent lots of money on my kids birthdays, preferring to opt for ‘retro’ styled parties at…

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