Children and the power of now, by Lalita Iyer


So true! Wise words and food for thought from Lalita Iyer (see out “Guest Writers Section to learn more about her and her blog “Mommy Go Lightly”). I often find myself hurrying my kids to do things or meet deadlines. We need to be mindful that children dwell “in the now” more than we adults tend to. Thanks, Lalita for a great article!


Living every momentI often receive messages like these: “Let me know the next time you are in town. We must meet.”

Or, “Sorry, I couldn’t make it to your reading this time. When are you coming this side next?”

And I wonder why this time is never good enough.

When I ended my teacher innings and moved back to my city, they asked me, “What next?”

“I don’t know, I am still savoring my present,” I said.

It wasn’t enough. They wanted more. They wanted me to be reflective, to tell them how it was, whether it added value, where do I go from here — stuff that adults normally ask you. But I had learned something that I was finally putting to practice. To live in the now. I mostly learned it from Re, but also from the many students I was teacher to this year.

The trouble with adults is…

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