A brief look at what John Key ‘achieved’ for children this week

An unfortunate week for New Zealand’s Prime Minister John Key with regards to attempts at reducing child poverty and help for disabled children. “The Forever Years” believes the children of Aotearoa deserve better!



Voted down a bill that would ensure a decrease in New Zealand kids going hungry ✓
Voted down a bill ensuring all rentals are warm and dry, fighting off disease ✓
Oversaw a sharp decrease in disabled children getting support ✓
Shut a Taranaki school out of a local museum, so he could use it for electioneering purposes ✓

For a party which claims to support families, albeit the ‘traditional’ family, the National Party really does appear to dislike the idea of supporting children.

Yes, it’s true, by 2017 the country’s poorest families are due for a tax cut which will leave them a stunning $1.60 per/day better off. But does that $1.60 count for anything, given John Key has turned down a $100m plan to end child hunger? Surely a breakfast supplied by the school, taking considerable financial stress away from working class families who are struggling with the rising…

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