Living in Danger: Albino Children in Tanzania

Found this a fascinating read… check it out. Hadn’t known before the traditional beliefs (and potentially grim consequences) associated with being born an albino child in Tanzania.  A friend of “The Forever Years” from Uganda, wrote this comment to this post:

All the albino people are really suffering in Tanzania and they are frequently abused by other people in the society. They use them as human sacrifice for satanic powers believing that the albino people can make one get rich if offered as a sacrifice.  This is terribly bad and now the same habit has been spreading: some people here in Uganda have developed this tendency. Lets all pray for our nations and pray that God should change their hearts.

Dr. Lorena Brownlee


In December 2014, 4 year old Pendo Emmanuelle Nundi, an albino girl,  was kidnapped in northern Tanzania. Pendo Emmanuelle Nundi’s father and 2 uncles were among 15 people arrested for her abduction. Since 2009 many albino children have been placed in compound style homes as a desperate measure to protect them and although Islam and Christianity remain the main religions in Tanzania, 93% of the population still believe in witchcraft.

Witch Doctors now banned in Tanzania have spent generations spreading the heinous belief that albino body parts have magical properties that can increase wealth, power and success. Banning Witch Doctors in Tanzania is a step in the right direction but banning the ideology is far more difficult when it is so imbedded in the fabric of the society that even politicians believe it’s doctrine. With elections in October  the threat against albino people is a grave concern and children are…

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