Two Hearts Become One: A Poem by Marcie Watson


(To learn more about Marcie Watson, see our “guest writers” page).

This poem is about the transition from childhood

to adult life, as a young woman leaves home to marry.


When a girl becomes a woman,

And life takes every solid step

Her dreams unleash before her,

While her memories are safely kept.


 She sees her days and sunsets,

She lives her life to be

The woman, once imagined,

Except now it’s her reality.


 Her home is her hallmark,

The walls and rooms of time,

The voices which once surrounded her,

Are soon, the ones she’ll say goodbye.


Boxes filed, old, and dusty

Closet space her own, but soon be bare.

Her life sacraments she packs away,

To a new home, which can’t compare.


Through a quick glimpse of the mirror,

Her physical frame shaped and true

In this body lived once a child, and before her now, a woman, she truly knew.


Emotions do surround her,

Tears of joy and sorrow flow

Of deep love which has nurtured her,

In the family, who has seen her grow.


Now, hand in hand she slowly pictures,

A new plan; a joint life to shine

It glows from the ring she’s wearing,

Which signifies her soon a wife.


What will be of this love?

Which feels her every part

She is in love and has wings with him,

To make a life between their hearts.


Who will he and she become?

How will they journey through tough seasons?

Questions are before them both,

But they trust God for all the reasons.


When her eyes have lived to see,

And her heart has walked the mile,

She’ll remember to this thought, this time

Still old, she will have her smile.

Motherhood Poem pic complete

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