Sleeplessly Singing the Blues: Post-Natal Depression Today

sleeplessly singing the bluesBy Sarah Wilson

What an incredible joy and a blessing to be gifted with a child. There are so many precious moments and ‘pinnacles’ in parenting.  However, it seems to me that being at home with a new baby can often be a challenging time for many women. The transition from working woman to stay at home mother can be a difficult adjustment for many. I feel for first time mothers. For many women, a common post-natal theme that emerges is that of ‘This isn’t what I expected.’ Often parenting is more messy, demanding and difficult than we ever anticipated (as well as being joy filled and fulfilling). We foresee that we are going to pop out a baby and carry on with our life regardless, not realizing that it is motherhood that changes our life totally, and is in itself, the most demanding job. Read more here:


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