A Poem: “Motherhood”, by guest writer Marcie Watson

Meet Marcie

Marcie Watson

Marcie Watson

Marcie Watson was born in Canada and immigrated to New Zealand at age 15.  She is married and has two young sons.  Marcie is a pre-school teacher by training and is involved in children and women’s ministries at her church.  She loves animals, baking and swimming and is a dedicated poet.  Marcie also enjoys dancing, time with friends and finding inspiration in creation.

Motherhood Poem pic arty 


A mother leaves her legacy

upon the heartbeat of time

She devotes herself to little hands,

and training teenage minds

The metamorphosis of child begins

and she learns and adapts

Realizing motherhood will be a journey,

this precious child she won’t forget

What tasks encompass a mother’s time?

Just to relive them day by day

Cooking, cleaning, driving, baking

and much more than words can say

A committed heart to what she does,

pressing through tears and pain

She knows the sparkling smiles and cuddles

are her blessing, her gift, her gain

The early years bring sleepless nights,

Tummy aches and mess,

Persistent crying, reflux, and tantrums

may occur but then they somehow pass

How does she balance her energies,

let alone her multi-focused tasks?

Sometimes getting little in return,

She is love nonetheless

But it is her Lord who keeps her true,

She is accountable to Him

For he will never leave her side,

the Word speaks to her again

Each day spent is a labour of love

So cherished is she to them

Her children can’t imagine life without her

And her husband understands

Each day she arises for her maker,

Her own words can heal and care

Within this family she is the glue

To bind together the members there

And where does the gift of compassion

and tender love derive

In which a mother can only feel

when she responds to her child’s cries

What does the word, “mother” mean to her?

For each of us it can mean different things,

The woman who accepts this treasured role

……her life won’t be the same! 

Motherhood Poem pic complete


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